Out of Many: Stories of Migration

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Out of Many: Stories of Migration is a series of exhibits, events and conversations centering around the work of five photographers working out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project features the faces and experiences of multiple generations of migrants and immigrants in America, and their descendants.  With original, contemporary photography and essays, Out of Many uses Pittsburgh’s story as a lens through which to examine the broader American immigration and migration experience.  As the project travels, we will employ interactive media to engage local audiences, who will be able to incorporate their own family's stories of migration and immigration into the overall narrative; and additionally, we will create local content to reflect local and regional aspects of the American migration and immigration experience.

The project highlights the photography of Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Nate Guidry, Lynn Johnson and Annie O’Neill.  A book of the photography, designed by Brett Yasko, which features essays by Public Radio journalists Erika Beras and Reid Frazier, will be released in January 2018.  Working with the premise that “we all come from somewhere,” the group explores the central role that immigration and migration have played, and continue to play, in the formation of our identity and culture, and in sustaining our economy – and in so doing, aims to create a space for civil, constructive conversation about belonging and cultural heritage today.


For more information or to schedule a booking, contact: Brian Cohen, http://www.thedocumentaryworks.org/contact/ .